Crab Shack Holdings

A family run business in the busy fishing town of Teignmouth in Devon. Crab Shack holdings is a collection of businesses passionate about fantastic food in its Beach front ‘Crab Shack’ restaurant, vintage cocktails in The Lobster Lounge, nationwide delivered seafood through Devonly Fish, holiday accommodation through Unique holidays and a fish mongers selling locally caught fish and shellfish.

We have worked with Out of Town for a number of years.

The support Gareth and his team have provided has enabled us to be the award-winning business that we are today.

Always offering great enthusiasm and knowledge they manage to understand our business, our market and our customers.

They have worked with us creating our Branding throughout the whole of the business, developed our intelligent websites and ordering systems and improved our google rankings to help us grow our online business.


During the pandemic we had to change our business multiple times in order to survive, nothing was too much and they worked all hours to ensure we could launch new products quickly, building new websites in a matter of days.

I cannot recommend them enough, they are always our first call when we are looking to brand, develop or grow our existing or new businesses.

Paul Matthews, Crabshack Holdings 

24hr support and advice

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